Edhi didn’t attend the burial of his grandson!

By: Edhi Admin

A Story from the Life of

Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi
Edhi didn’t attend the burial of his grandson!

Before departure to offer his services, to lift the coffins and injured people, as a result of colliding two machines in Interior Sindh, Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi had hospitalized their grandson in the hospital who was suffering from the pain of burns, as he had badly caught the fire.

Edhi was aboard his helicopter to immediately reach at the tragic scene, in the mid of air, he received an alarming message, and Captain of the crew, asked Edhi. Mowlana, whether your grandson was hospitalized in the hospital? He with the frustrating feelings asked about the latest situation of his grandson? Captain informed him that your grandson has expired, and then asked to Edhi that whether the chopper should be turned back, as there is only ten minutes left to reach at the incident scene in Interior Sindh.

Edhi refused to return, and said to Captain, inform Bilquis Edhi to do arrangements of his funeral and burial, I can’t attend it. I have to continue my social welfare work. By saying this, he asked Captain go ahead and reach at the spot of accident.

They reached at the spot of incident, and with the support of his workers, they shifted the injured into the nearby hospitals, and the coffins to the Edhi mortuary. And after completing his task he came back to Karachi – this is perfect sensing of the critical situation, how to deal, and what matter needs to be given top most priority and preference!!!

His 6th sense gave quick results and decided to reach immediately at the tragic scene in Interior Sindh!!!

The conclusion of this story is that, this is a rare opportunity that the coffin of his grandson is at his home, but by not attending his funeral, the grandfather means Edhi went to serve the suffering humanity!!! Great, greater, and greatest example of best selfless services!!!

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