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Opportunity of Social Welfare Service is bestowed to very few!!!

A Story from the Life of (Story 7)

Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi
Opportunity of Social Welfare Service is bestowed to very few!!!

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Bilal, the grandson of the Edhi was sharing his ideas – all were primarily the imaginations and dreams, he was envisioning for his future, although all his aspirations were quite impressive as well as stronger likewise I was thinking and making imaginations.

Yet before he could grow bigger, to see the world of realities, to see the world of fantasies, to experience the world of trials and tribulations, and ultimately may take any step to materialize his dream of social welfare service for the society and humanity, he traversed to the eternal abode in the age of four, by the Will of God Almighty!!!

Edhi is lucky as he is gifted with the opportunity to serve our society and country as well as the humanity.

In this regard, let me quote a Couplet over here that fully clarifies the significance of social welfare service to mankind. “Een saadat bazoore bazoo neest, taa ne bakhshed Khudai Bakhshinda”.  English translation - this isn’t something that is possible to achieve by dint of the strength of one’s arm, unless it’s bestowed by God Almighty only.

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